One of the biggest questions surrounding Balayage is what makes it different to having highlights? There are a few key differences between the techniques which I will now cover –

With traditional highlighting the application is very structured, covering the entire head. Balayage is a free hand painting technique which gives your stylist more control over where and how the colour is placed.

Classic highlights are designed to compliment your natural colour, they’re applied all the way through to the roots so the result is lighter from roots to ends. With Balayage, you do not have to have the roots coloured but can if you want to. The hair is natural at the root and is blended so that the colour gets progressively lighter as it gets to the ends of the hair.

When carrying out highlights we would generally recommend that you come back roughly every 3 months to have your colour done. Balayage is blended into your natural hair meaning you aren’t left with harsh re-growth lines so you can be a lot more flexible with when you have it coloured again.