90’s style is making a definite comeback! From Miley’s much talked about MTV VMA performance where her hair was styled with mini buns ala Bjork to grunge fashion channelling checked flannel shirts and slogan tee’s; the era seems well and truly ‘cool’ once more! We’d probably all agree that not everything 90’s should be revisited (neon sportswear is not for everyone) but your hairstyle is a really easy way to update your look and keep in with this trend.

Bobs are a classic 90’s cut. Easily adaptable and styled to suit your mood, this kind of cut is a perfect, not too ‘fashiony’ nod to the era. Having a bedhead day? Then think scrunched, wavy ends for a textured, grungey finish. Or blow dry smooth with heaps of volume for a chic daytime look, great for work days! And these cuts are great for autumn too: keeping you cool if it’s an Indian Summer (fingers crossed) but also looking great with snuggly scarves as the days get cooler.

Probably the best thing about a Bob cut is that there is a length and shape out there to suit everyone. Keeping the layers longer will keep this cut as versatille as possible, and will allow for a little more ‘styling’. Just below the chin seems to be a celeb fave at the moment, and keeps the cut firmly in the present day rather than slipping into the 20’s and 30’s variants. And the best bit: this length also keeps your options open for the next ‘must have’ trend!