We’ve had Poppy, Nikki and Jo all write their blog now its my turn! so be kind this is my first time!

In the month of May our stylist Jo got married and in June our senior stylist Kate also got married congratulations to them both.x

We are now over half way through the year already! i know it’s unbelievable where the time goes, although i have to say i do love the month of August not only because its my birthday but because it’s generally amazing weather here in sunny Falmouth Cornwall which means we can get away with beachy waves (got to be a bonus saving at least 15 minutes every morning by not blow-drying the hairdo)! Images from google.










Have to share that i am a big fan of the fishtail plait they really are so effective especially when you can see all the different tones coming through the hair. Sometimes the most simplest of hair styles can often be the most beautiful. We are seeing this more and more in the salon not only are styles like these being used at festivals but have also been bang on trend for weddings.



This picture has to be one of my favorites it was done by our stylist Natalie, this trend has been everywhere we’ve seen it on all number of celebrity’s from Cheryl Cole to Kim Kardashian. Ombre is a french term meaning,”shaded.”

In terms of hair colour, it is the darker shade gradually getting lighter towards the ends until the entire ends region is the brightest hair colour on the head.

The ombre looks good straightened or curled as long as you use a nourishing product like matrix Exquisite Oil Protective Treatment formulated with a Moringa oil blend, providing lightweight replenishment for all hair types available in salon to buy i might add!.



One also has to share this adorable picture of our senior directors new addition to their family……………… it’s a puppy never will their lives be the same again as well as having to do her children’s hair Nikki will now have to contend with this little beauty a cockapoo!


Nikki’s new cockapoo Poppy

Cornwall at this time of year is host to all number of regattas (Falmouth Tall ships very lucky indeed are we) and festivals our Liam’s favorite Boardmasters at Newquay. Liam is our up and coming trainee watch this space there is plenty more to come from when Liam is around. We have had the amazing Falmouth week with the red arrows and have to say we had a front row seat with the salons view picture courtesy of the West Briton.

All that has to be said is goodbye from me please be gentle with any comments you might like to share and don’t forget to check out the website, Facebook, twitter and instagram (nvhairdressing) until dare I say it Christmas which I may add is only 3 haircuts away for you lovely loyal 6 weekly clients we are booking up fast xxx


Good shot of red arrows by the West Briton