Well honestly I cant believe, dare I say it, it’s nearly Christmas! Since the last blog the salon has been super busy which is great. The wedding season was amazing seeing all the gorgeous brides, proud mums and helping them all to feel amazing.

In the last blog we introduced Poppy which was our style directors new puppy, not to be left out, thought I’d share with you our senior stylist Kate’s new kitten everyone meet Ed x


How scrummy!!. Seems like whilst we’re on the pet topic Natalie our stylist wanted to share her pet dog be prepared guys this is Izzy the Pug x


What do you reckon I know what your thinking butter wouldn’t melt right!!

Some more good news in the salon Our stylist Jo has been given a promotion Jo will now be a senior stylist congratulations Jo.

As I’m sitting here writing this I’ve both my children 2 girls (little darlings!!) reminding me it’s only 21 sleeps till christmas ahhh every year i try to be organised but it just keeps creeping closer and closer although saying that the tree is up (it’s a start guys).

The Nv team are very much looking forward to getting together for our works christmas party.

I’m sure we will all have a great time and hopefully we will be able to remember the night the next morning!

Although I have a sneaky feeling this may not be the case watch this space!.



photo-5Some hair inspiration for you for your party hair ideas my favorite is the bottom right.

Think that’s about it for this time hang on one more thing I cant believe that as if me dressing up as Mr Incredible wasn’t embarrassing enough, I’ve now been roped into http://www.cornwallhospicecare.co.uk/Event/falmouth-santa-vs-rudolph-fun-run well all for a good cause the children will be getting involved in this one that’s for sure!!.

Until next time guys have a Happy Christmas and Fab New Year be sure to catch up in January xx