Our entire team of hairstylists are really excited this week, with the official launch in-salon of Dreamcoat anti-frizz Winter hair treatment in Falmouth at NV Hairdressing for existing and new clients.

anti-frizz Winter hair treatment in Falmouht at NV Hairdressing

Dreamcoat, a new award-winning hair product from the fantastic Colour Wow range, provides the following hair care benefits for clients:

Anti-humidity sealant

Anti-frizz hair treatment

Works instantly on hair

Lasts for up to 3 shampoos

Dreamcoat is simply applied to washed hair and then towel-dried in. It gives immediate humidity protection, and our hair stylists in central Falmouth all love it, having tried it out for themselves as a Winter hair treatment.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ images below clearly highlight the superb difference that Dreamcoat makes, in terms of anti-frizz Winter weather hair care.

Dreamcoat anti-frizz Winter hair treatments in Falmouth at NV Hairdressing

anti frizz hair treatments in Falmouth at NV Hairdressing

This easy-to-apply hair protection spray is available in-salon for only £22 while stocks last, so order yours on your next visit, or by ringing our Falmouth hair salon direct on 01326 313116 and mentioning this blog post.

We have other offers and discounts available – please visit our Falmouth Hairdressing Blog here to find out more.

It’s really important at this time of year to protect, nurture and nourish hair against harsh Winter weather.

Our Falmouth hairdressers are on-hand during all client consultations to provide the best advice on Winter hair care, anti-frizz treatments, hair care in Winter, and how to lock in moisture in colder weather.

We’ve already been stocking Colour Wow’s Colour Root touch-up hair product for 12 months in-salon, and the client feedback has been fantastic, so the decision to stock the new Dreamcoat anti-humidity product was a simple one.

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