As the Summer draws to a close, this is the perfect time to give our existing and new clients fantastic hair treatment offers in Falmouth with Olaplex.

hair treatment offers in Falmouth at NV Hairdressing

Our leading hair salon in Falmouth has been using the revolutionary and world-famous hair treatment Olaplex for more than 18 months now, and the feedback we’ve had from our clients has always been really positive.

And with Summer drawing to a close, we’re seeing more and more clients with heat-damaged hair, sun-damaged roots, and hair condition that needs moisture and seasonal protection using high-quality hair treatments in-salon.

So, we’re going to give existing and new clients hair treatment offers on the best hair conditioning product for repairing hair and re-building hair integrity.

Olaplex hair treatments in Falmouth at NV Hairdressing

Olaplex is designed specifically for replacing moisture, reducing hair breakage, and also helping hair colouring to last longer into the bargain too.

Applying Olaplex hair treatments at our Falmouth hair salon is simply and fast – we use Number 2 Olaplex conditioning treatment on towel-dried hair and leave it in place for 15 minutes, before rinsing out and then blowdrying.

Usually costing £15 in-salon as a standalone hair conditioning treatment, we’re giving a huge 50% off, meaning that all clients can get an Olaplex hair treatment for only £7.50. Offer ended.

This discounted offer doesn’t include the cost of a blowdry to finish, which ranges from £10-£26.50 with our team of Falmouth hairdressers.

Olaplex haircare in falmouth from NV Hairdressing

If your hair is dry, frizzy, lacking condition and moisture, and feeling generally out of condition and lacking integrity at the roots, book a discounted hair treatment with us.

To get this fantastic hair treatment offer at our hair salon in Falmouth, simply mention this blog post when you book with us, and quote the reference ‘NV Olaplex’ with our hairstyling team.

When asked about why NV Hairdressing stocks Olaplex as a leading hair treatment for clients, salon co-founder Nikki Jones commented:

“It’s a world-famous hair treatment and haircare product that clients love, and which works really hard on natural and colour-treated hair. We really adore it!”

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