With the start of a New Year, our team of experienced hairstylists at NV Hairdressing are looking at hair trends for 2018 in Falmouth – and have some exciting hair ideas and hair advice for our clients.

We believe that one of the most popular haircuts for 2018 will be a classic Curly Hair look, as the recent example from the salon clearly highlights:

2018 hair trends in Falmouth from NV Hairdressing

A Curly Hair cut and style is delivered by our Falmouth hairdressers in the following stages, starting with a full and free hair consultation.

One of the critical elements of a Curly Hair client consultation is to start by looking at the curly hair when it’s dry, to see the full curl pattern before wet.

Many clients with curly hair struggle to get hairstylists in Falmouth to cut and style curlier hair, as it is a very visual cut depending on the curl pattern of the hair.

Curly Hair needs the right products, the right styling, and to be dried in the right way. Curly Hair is cut differently to straight hair, and we insist on seeing the hair when fully dry, to provide a thorough consultation for each client.

A Curly Hair look at NV Hairdressing is delivered using soft layering and a soft graduation cut, to reduce hair weight, provide elevation, and balance to the haircut. A classic Curly Hair hairstyle should look natural and free-flowing.

The soft graduation is also worked using a horseshoe section, with sections being pulled back from the face, and taking around an hour in the chair.

The best hair product for a Curly Hair style is Matrix Biolage Mousse added before drying. A classic Curly Hair look in-salon costs from £39.50 to £43.50.

Another hair trend to watch out for during the start of 2018 is hair colouring using Colour Melt techniques at our hair salon in Falmouth.

hair colouring services in Flamouth at NV Hairdressing

We wrote about our unique and stunning Colour Melt in an earlier blog post, which can be read in full here.

Colour Melt hair colouring at our Falmouth hair salon focuses on using dark rich colours, providing an all-over tint with varied hair colour tones.

The best element of Colour Melt as an exciting new hair colouring service is the way in which two colours are blended, giving vibrant colouration for Winter months, rather than one all-over flat hair colour.

Colour Melt hair colouring services are available from £61.50 and take roughly two and a half hours in the chair. A full and free hair consultation is included.

We’d also like to focus on an amazing hair product for early 2018, called Protection Spray from GHD, which our hair stylists and clients adore.

hair trends in falmouth for 2018 from NV Hairdressing

Protection Spray is designed to deal with heat-damaged hair, particularly from using hair straighteners and blow-drying during Winter months. Protection Spray is applied before drying or straightening, and keeps the hair in top quality, prevents heat damage, and also stops hair from frizzing, in one go.

GHD Protection Spray is available while stocks last for only £12.95 in-salon.

To see other examples of superb hair styles, haircuts and hair colouring, please visit our Falmouth Hairdressing Blog here to find out more.

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